H.Yamamoto (Doro Chiba): We demand the immediate release of imprisoned student Yuhimaru TAKEDA

Dear friends all over the world,

 On October 6th, 2012, Yuhimaru TAKEDA, student of Hosei University at his third grade, stood up to protest against the seminar for atomic power promotion. The anger of people of Fukushima against nuclear power plant drove him to the action.

 The main lecturer of the seminar, organized by the Faculty of Human Environment of Hosei University, is planned to be Toshiaki OKUBO, head director of the Institute for the Research of Radioactivity Impact (note). The purpose of the seminar was obviously to suppress mounting anger and struggle against nuclear plant.

Note: The former body of the Institute for the Research of Radioactivity Impact is the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, notorious for its principle of Investigation only and no remedy of atomic disease.   

 OKUBO is insisting that maximal limit of radioactivity is 100mSv and is working closely with Shun-ichi YAMASHITA, vice president of Nagasaki University, known to have claimed that radioactivity had no effect on those people who always smile. By the influential position as scientists, they are both trying to underestimate the dangerous effects of radioactive contamination and urging Fukushima people in refugee to go home (i.e. affected area) quickly. 

Brother Takeda wanted to raise a voice of protest at the seminar, full of indignation. He was, however, refused the entrance in the hall and violently pushed out of the university campus by the university staffs. 

 The story never ended. Most outrageously, the university authority suspended him for an indefinite term because of his interference of lecture and also protest action against the rule of University Festival on October 23rd, 2012. Angry voices soon spread over the Hosei University campus against the University authority.

The recent arrest and prosecution of brother Takeda, which is described in detail in the attached appeal issued by Federation of Cultural Clubs of Hosei University, took place against the background of this preceding development. 

 Yuhimaru TAKEDA has issued an appeal: We, students, are forced to accept the reality before us unconditionally as if we saw nothing disagreeable. Has it anything to do with <academic study >?

 A large number of students, workers and people share his indignation and aspiration. They have begun to raise their voices.

Doro-Chiba has started a fresh struggle to pull down the wall separating regularly-employed and irregularly-employed workers. Doro-Mito has opened a gate for a resolute struggle to refuse work exposed to radioactive contamination.

Both of objective and subjective conditions are ripe for a total overthrow of the system. We are firmly determined to crush JR (Japan Railway) system by the advancement of the national railway struggle as a pivotal force and to break down the war policy promoted by Abe administration and the Nuclear Mafia!

 Students, workers and citizens all over the world!

We call upon you to send us short messages for the release of brother TAKEDA to the following address.

Zengakuren (All Japan Federation of Student Autonomous Bodies) International Department: intl-solidarity@hotmail.co.jp

 Doro-Chiba International Labor Solidarity Committee

General Secretary

H. Yamamoto


Protest Against May 13 Crackdown (doc)