H.Yamamoto: Commemoration of the 69th anniversary of A-bombing in Hiroshima

Dear friends all over the world,

We will hold „Hiroshima Grand Action“ on August 5 and 6, 2014, the commemoration day of the 69th anniversary of A-bombing in Hiroshima.
The following is an appeal released from the August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action Planning Committee.

Please join and/or send us a solidarity message.

In Solidarity,

Doro-Chiba International Labor Solidarity Committee

General Secretary

H. Yamamoto


Commemoration of the 69th anniversary of A-bombing in Hiroshima
August 6, 2014 Hiroshima Grand Action

Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima together raise their voices of anger!
Stop and abolish all nuclear power plants and nukes by international solidarity of labor movement!

No to the right to collective self-defense!
Don’t abandon Fukushima people!
Stop restart and export of nuclear power plants!
Defend the lives of Fukushima children and workers from radiation!
Down with Abe administration! Stop the drive to constitutional revision and the way to war by international solidarity!

We never allow Abe’s cabinet decision to admit exercise of the right to collective self-defense!
Now we stand at a turning point of history. Join us in Hiroshima with fresh resolve: Never again the disaster of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!
War, nuclear power plants, radiation exposure works, deregulation of labor law etc., — these are carried out only for profiting rulers of 1% at the sacrifice of working people of 99%.

Environment Minister Ishihara, a son of the notorious Ex-Governor of Tokyo Ishihara, arrogantly said, “Fukushima people of the affected areas (such as Okuma and Futaba village) will finally admit construction of interim storage facilities of nuclear waste in their towns when I make the money fly on them.“
This is a symbolic word of neoliberalism of “money over life“ and it surely ends up in war.
Let’s crush neoliberalism and Abe’s war policy in a solid unity with Fukushima people!

The current global economic crisis is producing dangerous move to war in East Asia, Ukraine, Iraq and other part of the world.
Let’s send out from here, Hiroshima, an urgent appeal for international solidarity to our friends all over the world to rise up for a fresh fight against nukes and war.
When all the movements headed by labor movement refusing radiation exposure works, including struggle of A-bomb survivors, efforts of “evacuation, recuperation and medical care“ for Fukushima people, student movement, farmer movement and every movement, join their power together across borders, we can achieve abolition of all nukes, decommission of all nuclear power plants and stop the war.

Please join us in Hiroshima from around the world to open up a brilliant future!

August 5 to August 6

August 5: Hiroshima City Higashi-ku Cultural Center
August 6: Genbaku Dome and Hiroshima Comprehensive Gymnastic Hall

Hosted by;
August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action Planning Committee ( http://86hiroshima.blogspot.jp/ )
Address: 14-3-705 Nobori-cho Naka-ku Hiroshima City, 730-0016
Phone & Fax: 082-221-7631
E-mail: hiro-100@cronos.ocn.ne.jp