H.Hito: Repression With Arrests Against Anti-Nuclear Activist Grows In Japan

Arrests/repression unjust on no-nuke protesters going in Kansai(WestJapan) among others. Summary as of now since September:Yoshtake Hito
Sep 20: a guy who was in `Occupy Ooi‘, Fukui-Pref, to stop reoperation of Ooi nuke reactors No.3,4 on Jun 30 by warrant, back at home in Kanagawa. He was indicted Oct 10; trials has been at Fukui District Court.

Oct 5: one at the regular `Besieging KEPCO(Kanden) HQ‘; indicted.

Oct 13: four men/woman at the entrance lobby of Konohana Ward Hall in advance of the explanatory meeting on debris acceptance by Osaka City; indicted.

Nov 16: a guy by warrant related to the `case‘ on Oct 5 as of above; indicted.

Nov 22: a guy near the site of debris incineration; released the next day.

Dec 9: two by warrant on `charges'(?) of Oct 17 in the compound of JR Osaka Stn. Mr Maki Shimoji, assoc prof of Hannan Univ, is one of the two, whose custody Osaka District Court turned down the following day but the decision was overturned by other court room of three judges admitting the challenge by the prosecutor; kept detained.

Dec 11: another also, in a police station where he had been in custody after the arrest on Oct 13.

Those are what is confirmed as of now in half the year past; eleven arrests(ten persons as one is doubly), eight indicted so far, and eight in custody still(those eights of them are not exactly the same persons though) Suspected `charges‘ the police gives on those arrests are some of different ones strange, almost each different, totalling ten or more that make actually never criminal. And the arrested people were/are detained in different police stations, each of most of them seperately alone.
The data is what is filed by the rescue committee. Not all identifications of them have been announced by the rescue committee/lawyers, probably caring to defend them against the `charges‘ false absolutely, and that up to person to person; except assoc prof Shimoji, the focal figure telling now against the unjust repression and the righteousness of us the people.
A report, however, tells those arrested regarding no-nuke protests nationwide in the year past have now outnumbered one hundred in all.