Report From Osaka 2/3/2013 Rally Against Repression and Burning Of Radioactive Rubble From Hito

The speech fo Masaki Shimoji, assoc. prof. of Hannan Univ, at 2・3 national rally(transl. by Hito);

Our nation has been indeed lazy among others in reflecting. But before taking responsibility for the past war, colonial rule and also all tragedies it brought like Kogai pollutions, it now has made another big error. Making Great East Earthquake into Nuclear Tremor that is.
At the Fukushima Disaster, those most reponsible for it behave as if they were not responsible at all, will keep using nuke plants, will scatter radioactivity to let us pay the cost with our lives and force all responsibility upon us.
In this disordered nation since 3・11, I and we have been opposing the processing of disaster debris in Osaka. However scolded by government officers who say radioactivity is harmless, to keep doubting if it really is is for us to be with the disaster-hit area, is it not?
When we voice like this, no one could make us silent.
And so, the power wants to shut us up with its overwhelming violence of arrests and custody.
I will keep voicing, save our future and leave it the generation to come.
Thank you.

(Feb 3, 2013; at Osaka Castle Open-Air Music Hall)

At 2・3 Rally, actor Taro Yamamoto, surprise guest speaker, talked too as follows; first on stage, and in the demo later. He used to be, and is, so popular an actor but, sadly, little has he been on TVs nor films of late most probably because he spoke out `No Nukes‘ since 3・11 Fukushima Disaster.

(T.Yamamoto said on stage):

Eleven people have been arrested since last September; the people who voice in order for saving the lives of the people in this country!
What sort of nation where you are arrested only because you stand there, being there?
The absolute police state, is it not?
Don’t you think such a nation is needless, where you cannot talk a true thing?
Shall we retrieve it! Let us retrieve the rights of our friends and this country!
Let Our Friends Back! Let Our Friends Back! Ashamed Osaka Police!
Let Our Friends Back! Let Our Friends Back!

(He spoke in the demo)