Rede von Nina Gunic (RKOB) über den Widerstand in Griechenland

On 31 August a public meeting on the perspectives of the resistance in Greece took place at the annual political and cultural event of the Communist Party (similar to the L’Humanité fete of the French CP). The public meeting was organized by the committee “SOLIDARITY WITH THE RESISTANCE IN GREECE” of which the RKOB is part of. At the platform spoke Nina Gunic (RKOB), Erich Fenninger (Volkshilfe), Norbert Bauer (Solidar-Werkstatt), Hans Zauner (GKK, Austrian Section of CoReP) sowie Aug & Ohr. The meeting was chaired by Hermann Dworczak from the solidarity committee.

Comrade Gunić presented in her speech the key issues of the revolutionary Action Program of the RCIT (of which the RKOB is the Austrian Section) for Greece. She explained a number of central slogans like the total cancellation of Greece’s debts, a public works program to abolish unemployment, the expropriation of the super-rich as well as a workers government.

Nina Gunić explained that one should have no illusions in reformist parties like SYRIZA; KKE and DIMAR. However it is at the same time necessary to direct demands to these parties since a large section of the working class still have illusions in them. She emphasized that such an Action Program can only be implemented if a revolutionary workers party is build in time.