Please sign, and share, and contact the Greek embassy in your country: Jail Greek farmers who walked free after shooting 28 Bangladeshi workers (Heinz Leitner)

Update #3 October 24, 2014 of Gerry Lydon

The Greek ambassador has refused a meeting with me to address concerns despite 48,000 of you expressing them so hence out of respect to ye as well as the Bangladeshis, I feel it’s time for a full boycott : Strawberries, olive oil, holidays and feta cheese etc. I will be informing with petition as many media and mep’s as possible this. 1st :email mep’s/Greek businesses with a sign saying „no blood greek strawberries“. For actions/information : go to

About this Petition

Sign this petition to demand justice for 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers who were shot when they asked for their wages.

Instead of holding the farmer accountable for this disgusting crime, a Greek court has cleared the farm owner and head foreman of all charges.

In the wake of the Rana Plaza tragedy where 1,129 Bangladeshi garment workers died and hundreds were injured, the acquittal of these farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers when they asked for months of unpaid wages is more proof that people seem to think of Bangladeshis as subhumans to be treated literally worse than animals. Demand the Greek government jail the Greek farmers!

The fact that an EU country like Greece could allow people to shoot with not even a reasonable motive — again, the Bangladeshi workers were simply looking for 6 months of unpaid backpay– and then to walk free makes a mockery of the whole institution.

Unless the EU wants a „wild west, shoot at first disagreement“ mentality to spread (just what the recent verdict encourages), it needs to sanction and threaten to expel Greece from the EU for turning a blind eye on what was essentially an „I’ll kill you if you complain“ work environment for migrants! Eeven more, people need to boycott Greece until justice is served and say no to feta cheese and Greek holidays.

Tell Greece to jail farmers who have admitted to shooting Bangladeshi workers!

The Facebook page for this is :

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Jail Greek farmers who walked free after shooting 28 Bangladeshi workers

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