Interview in Florence/Festival de Popoli mit Yiorgos (de la Grecia) Panteleakis about his film „155 SOLD“




(mit kurzer Werbeeinschaltung zu Anfang!)



+ ein Trailer von „155 SOLD“

155 SOLD/DOC/64 min/HD/dir Giorgos Panteleakis
FICTION:?Greece is chosen to be the First European Economy experiment and the first Economy War Victim of new World order.A country cannot go Bankrupt like a business would, so then its possessions can be confiscated.There is a need to willingly give away its property by the people or its elected representative the Greek parliament, in this case.
The Doc is recoding the events that took place in this vote, in the Sintagma Square (Constitution Square), in Athens Greece during the vote on the Austerity measures on 28 and 29 of June 20011, by the Greek Parliament.