STOP the deportation of Harriet N ANOTHER UGANDAN LESBIAN

Not One More Prossie N or Jackie Nanyonjo! 

STOP the Kenya Airways death flights!

Despite in words making a commitment to the fight for LGBT rights internationally, the UK Govt & Home Office continue to put LGBT asylum seekers on Fast Track (a system designed to deport people as quickly as possible) and deport them to countries where persecution and prosecution of the LGBT community is rife – THIS MUST STOP!

Harriet N, is a lesbian from Uganda faces deportation on Tuesday 10th of June on Kenya Airways, the same airline that doggedly continued with the deportation of Prossie N despite mass customer protest, passengers refused to sit down, begging them to take Prossie off the flight, their pleas were ignored despite delaying the plane on the runway for 3hrs (hear Prossie’s testimony below). KENYA AIRWAYS must be exposed for their role in the continued deportation for LGBT asylum seekers – they must be publicly denounced and shamed.

The deportation of Harriet N must be immediately cancelled, please take action…

Home Office reference: N1999529

Flight: 10th June 2014 at 8pm from Heathrow

Flight Number KQ101 & KQ401

 TELL KENYA AIRWAYS: „You must stop being complicit in the deportation of LGBT people from the UK.  Even in the face of huge passenger protest in December 2013 you continued with the flight that held Prossie N, putting not only the health and safety of Prossie N in danger but putting the health & safety of all your passengers in danger, passengers who were still standing and protesting as the flight took off.  Kenya Airways are becoming known as the ‚LGBT Death Flight‘ carrier, you must refuse to fly Ugandan Lesbian Harriet N on 10th June 2014 for health & safety reasons, you have every right to do this, many other airlines already refuse to fly LGBT people who are being deported – you can do this to, no excuses are acceptable.“


Kenya Airways – @kenyaairways

Kenya Airways Marketing Director, Chris Diaz @diazchrisafrica




Kenyan High Commission in London: (tell them that as Kenya Airways is their National Flag Carrier they must tell Kenya Airways to stop deporting LGBT asylum seekers and cancel Harriet N’s ticket for 10th June 2014.)


EMAIL THE HOME SECRETARY & IMMIGRATION MINISTER: Tell them that the continued deportation of LGBT people goes against all the promises of commitment to LGBT safety and equality, Putting LGBT asylum seekers on Fast Track dooms them to failure; they must immediately halt the planned deportation of Harriet N (Home Office ref: N1999529), remove her from Fast Track and halt ALL deportations of LGBT people. Home Secretary

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Betreff: Please stop deportation of lesbian Harriet N to Uganda on June 19th, Home Office reference: N1999529
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 Dear Home Secretary,

dear Minister for Immigration,

 As a supporter of Amnesty International I received news that Harriet N, a lesbian from Uganda faces deportation to Uganda on Tuesday 10th of June.

When Uganda signed the anti-homosexuality bill into law British Foreign Secretary William Hague said that the new bill is “deeply saddening and disappointing”. There is “no doubt” that the law increases persecution and discrimination of Ugandans”, the British Foreign Secretary said in a statement according to the newspaper The Telegraph. “The UK strongly opposes all discrimination on any grounds. We question the Bill’s compatibility with Uganda’s constitution and international treaty obligations. There can be no doubt that this Bill will increase persecution and discrimination of Ugandans, as well as damage Uganda’s reputation internationally” he said (

In accordance with the statement of Mr. Hague and the commitment of the United Kingdom in defending human rights I am asking you to immediately halt the planned deportation of Harriet N (Home Office ref:N1999529), remove her from Fast Track, and halt ALL deportations of LGBT people back to danger and persecution.

Thank you very much.


Heinz Leitner