Police brutality against peaceful and strong refugee protest in front of senate in hamburg 5. june 2014 (alert: brutal images)



Veröffentlicht am 06.06.2014

A civil disobedience – a peaceful sit-in – was brutally attacked by Hamburg police. Since one year the Hamburg Senate (social democrat SPD) with its mayor Olaf Scholz is refusing to recognize the basic rights of the libyan war refugees“Lampedusa in Hamburg“. Samuel Mensah und Francis Kwame died in consequence of which. After so many demonstrations the group decided a sit in on the city hall suare in front of the Government house.
Several Refugees and supporters who joined the act of civil disobedience were pulled violently out of the sitting crowd resisting only by their physical presence determined not to leave. Some were arrested and later released. The Police could not break the protest. After the first and the second wave of attacks on the protesters the police recognized that it will take long to evict the place while more people may enter the square. The group decided to march to the police station where their brothers were detained. Three Watercanons were placed at the station and police untis blocked the way. At the same time most of the arrested were released. The remainig three were brought to the police headquarter for finger printing procedures. They seized their italian documents and gave a paper with the request to report on the same day at the immigration office.
It was another shameful day for Hamburg but a strong signal of the refugees to resist the silent killing in Germanys asylum and deportation system.

solidarity to all the refugee resistance everywhere