Moscow bureau for human rights – Statement: Aggressive xenophobia manifestations in RF during the period from January till August 2012

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During the period from January till August 2012 100 attacks motivated by aggressive xenophobia were recorded and 29 people perished and 139 people at least were wounded as a result of them (it is not possible to ascertain the number of the wounded in some cases).

The attacks took place in the following regions: Daghestan (11 dead, 7 wounded), Moscow and Moscow region (4 dead, 38 wounded), Sverdlovsk region (4 dead, 7 wounded), St. Petersburg and Leningrad region (3 dead, 26 wounded), Samara region (2 dead, 4 wounded), Rostov region (1 dead, 4 wounded), Tatartstan (1 dead, 1 wounded), Stavropol region (1 dead, 1 wounded), Primorye region (1 dead), Bashkortostan (17 wounded), Saratov (11 wounded), Krasnodar region (10 wounded), Volgograd region (4 wounded), Voronezh region (3 wounded), Yaroslavl region (3 wounded), Republic of Komi (2 wounded), Karelia (1 wounded), Tula region (1 wounded), Orenburg region (1 wounded), Kirov region (1 wounded), Orel region (1 wounded).

The victims of attacks include: Daghestanis (11 dead, 11 wounded), Uzbeks (3 dead, 3 wounded), Azerbaijanis (1 dead, 4 wounded), Kirghizes (1 dead, 3 wounded), Armenians (1 dead, 2 wounded), Tatars (1 dead, 1 wounded), the Vietnamese (1 dead), Turks-Meskhets (1 dead), Russians (6 wounded), Malayans (2 wounded), Africans (2 wounded), Buryats (1 wounded), Jews (1 wounded), the Chinese (1 wounded), Cubans (1 wounded).

In 2001 18 dead and 83 wounded were recorded during the same period and in 2010 – 29 dead and 172 wounded. So one can speak about growth of number of attacks motivated by xenophobia in comparison with 2011. This growth is caused to a great extent by increased activity of Islamist underground.

Several attacks were connected with the Day of Airborne Troops marked on August 2:

In Orel the paratroopers have broken a car driven by citizen with non-Slavic appearance and beaten the driver. The beating was accompanied with shouts: “For Russia!!! For Airborne Troops!!!”, “Kill the Caucasians!!!”.

In Kazan the paratroopers (about 20 persons totally) arranged a scuffle at construction market.

In Zelenograd three paratroopers who marked the Day of Airborne Troops “did not share out something equally” with a person with non-Slavic appearance near “ConstructionParadise” market; after this the newcomer ran into the nearby cafй and locked himself from inside. The paratroopers started forcing their way inside and soon broke a glass of the door. After that about ten Caucasians ran out to the street from various premises of trade complex, the scuffle started and electric shocker as well as traumatic weapon were used during it.

Early in August two radicals in St. Petersburg broke into a traumatology center about midnight and having chosen a man with Asian appearance among the visitors beat him hardly. After that they attacked a driver-Uzbek in the street but delayed and proved to be beaten themselves by gastarbeiters who came running to the aid. One of nationalists had to be taken to a hospital.

On August 4 31-year-old football fan attacked the operative agent of directorate of home affairs Farkhad Salimov in civilian clothes at Savyolovsky railway terminal in Moscow having taken him for a common passer-by.

On August 5 in Degtyarsk (Sverdlovsk region) three corpses of brutally killed homeless people were discovered.

On August 8 in Khasavyurt district of Daghestan an attempted murder of 37-year-old former imam of mosque Makardin Muzhaidov was committed.

On August 10 in Pobeda settlement of Vyborg district disorders of population took place because of rape of local woman by a migrant. A meeting took place with demand of introducing proper order. Inspection of observance of migratory legislation in the settlement and deportation of illegal migrants became a result of events.

On August 12 it became known that an African and policeman who stood up for him were beaten by nationalists in the center of Moscow.

On August 13 a group of football fans of football club “Ufa” committed an attack on seven musicians of local punk-hardcore groups who had a rest at the square behind the Youth Theatre. Number of assailants was about 30 persons. As a result, one man had to be taken to a hospital with traumas of medium severity and the others addressed the traumatic center. Anti-racist and anti-fascist views of musicians became the reason for attack.

On August 17 policemen, Cossacks and young people who called themselves faithful residents of Rostov-on-Don impeded holding of an action in support of punk-group “Pussy Riot”. The policemen stated that holding of a meeting is impossible without presence of organizer of the action. Cossack detachments snatched posters from out of hands of the action participants and tore them. Several dozen young men did not conceal that they came to beat those who are at one with opinion of punk-group participants. Three action participants at least were wounded.

On August 18 in Khasavyurt unascertained persons committed an armed attack on the mosque of Shiite community, and six people were wounded as a result of this.

On August 21 in the evening in St. Petersburg a group of 50 young men attacked St. Petersburg Daghestanis who were “Anzhi” fans. 3 people at least were wounded.

Late in the evening of August 23, after completion of football match with participation of “Anzhi” in Moscow, several conflicts between Daghestani fans and local nationalists-fans of Moscow clubs took place. At underground station “Chistiye prudy” about 100 people attacked a train in which “Anzhi” fans went from “Locomotive” stadium to Cherkizovo. Traumatic arms were also used during the scuffle. Number of the wounded is unknown. Attacks on buses with “Anzhi” fans were also recorded on M 7 highway (Gorkovsky highway) and in Zelenograd.

On August 23 in Samara region a biggest interethnic scuffle took place. In Krotovka village 150 Gypsies and 100 Russians faced-off. Gypsies used sticks, steel reinforcement, bricks and even arms during the fight. As a result of scuffle 2 persons were wounded: young girl who was first beaten severely and then run over by a motorcar and a fireman. The circumstance that firemen who came to fire began first putting out a fire in houses of Russians but not Gypsies became a reason for the scuffle.

On August 28 in Daghestan one of spiritual leaders of the republic – sheikh Said Chirkeisky was killed by a terrorist-suicide attacker. 5 persons else perished together with him.

On August 13 in social network ”Vkontakte” a report appeared that in Plodorodny settlement in the outskirts of Krasnodar fifteen newcomers-Chechens and, according to some information, Azerbaijanis brutally beat up to eight local residents including two teenagers and 9-year-old child. At the same time they allegedly threatened to “slaughter the whole settlement”, and some of assailants were in the state of alcoholic intoxication. The report started accumulating further details. But when on August 15 gathering of population summoned by policemen who arrived for investigation took place in the settlement it was found out that just one person was wounded in a scuffle which was motivated by domestic reasons, and this very person began disseminating these rumors after that. It was stated in regional Chief directorate of the Ministry of home affairs of RF that the applicant denied a request of police employees to take pictures of traces of beating and informed he had already no claims on the scuffle participants.

On August 15 it became known about similar conflict in Ryazan. Local taxi-drivers allegedly stood against Caucasians who were attacking their colleagues with inaction of police. It was stated that Ryazan was allegedly patrolled by Cossacks and “white townsmen”, and “arrival of support” on the part of Daghestanis was allegedly expected in the city. On their part, police representatives stated that there was no conflict as the policemen detained a column of taxi-drivers.


During the period from January till August 97 acts of vandalism were recorded (including 11 in August).

On August 1 it became known that in Nytva (Perm region) unknown persons drew swastika on the monument to the warrior-liberator.

On August 4 in Volzhskiy the mosque was desecrated by drawing of swastika on the entrance door.

On August 8 it became known that swastika was drawn on the wall of electric substation building in Pushkino town (Moscow region).

On August 9 it became known that in Chelyabinsk unknown people covered the fencing of the temple of icon of Our Lady “Assuage My Sorrows” with drawings and later stole two metallic crosses built-in into the fencing.

On the night of August 17 in Pskov 15-meter inscription “Away with church obscurants” appeared on walls of the cathedral of John the Forerunner and was followed by another one – “Respect to Pussy Riot”.

On August 20 the Marine Saint George cathedral of Baltic fleet located in Baltiysk town was set on fire and desecrated.

On August 20 unknown persons made anti-Christian inscriptions on walls of Resurrection cathedral, temple of Saint Innocent, economic premises and banner of Orthodox Christian youth in city park in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

On August 20 inscription “Freedom to Pussy Riot” was discovered on the wall of Saint Ascension cathedral of Velikiye Luki city.

On August 23 it became known that drawing of swastika was discovered on several houses in Chelyabinsk.

On August 25 in Verkhneuralsky district (Chelyabinsk region) unknown people sawed down three bow crosses installed at the entrances into Smelovsky settlement.

On August 25 a bow cross was cut down in Arkhangelsk.

Public actions of nationalists

On August 2 a picket in memory of warriors of the World War I took place in Chelyabinsk that was arranged by activists of Chelyabinsk organizing committee of National-Democratic party (NDP).

On August 5 a meeting arranged by Tatar national-separatists and Islamic fundamentalists took place in Kazan. About 200 people assembled to the meeting. Chairman of “Milli Medjlis” (organization of Tatar national-separatists) 62-year-old Fauziya Bairamova demanded to create an Islamic state, make the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov retire, prosecute the vice-prime-minister Asgat Safarov who acknowledged the problem of Wahabism and dissolve the republican parliament – State council. There were inscriptions on unrolled posters: “There’s no radicalism, no traditionalism, Islam is one and the same!”, “If we are silent today, tomorrow the Koran would be prohibited”, “Modjaheds of Tatarstan – this is an invention of Moscow!”, “Werewolves in shoulder streaps imitate combat against terrorism”, “Moscow! Do not force the situation in Tatarstan!”, “Don’t believe mass media! Moslems are not murderers!”, “Moslems of Bashkiria support you!”, “You are not alone! Bashkiria is with you!”. Banners of organization “Hizb-ut-tahrir” prohibited in RF were raised. At the same time police employees preferred not interfering and even tried to fulfill the demands of meeting participants “to respect the norms of Shariah”.

On August 6 nationalists and Islamists held a meeting in Naberezhniye Chelny. Like in Kazan, flags of extremist organization “Hizb-ut-Tahrir al-Islami” fluttered at the meeting which gathered 70 persons. Naberezhniye Chelny branch of Tatar public center with well-known activists including “friend of Shamil Basayev” Rafis Kashapov and Fauziya Bairamova was the action organizer. It was written on posters held by the action participants: “Stop occupation of Tatarstan!”, “Only occupants may put people to prison in hundreds”, “Ethnocide of Tatars is executed in Russia in the guise of “combat against extremism”.

On August 8 representatives of Union of Orthodox Christian gonfalon-carriers burned a poster with portrait of the singer Madonna who came to Russia with concerts as well as poster with picture of participants of “Pussy Riot” group dancing on ambon of the temple of Christ the Savior, near the temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

On August 14 nationalists tried to hold an action near the building of Zamoskvoretsky court where the wrestler R. Mirzayev was tried. But the police prevented them from organizing a meeting and even arrested one man who tried to unroll a poster.

On August 19 the next meeting of fundamentalists was held in Kazan disguised with celebration of Uraza-Bayram. Totally about 100 people took part in the action, and foreigners were a considerable part of those who came.

On August 23 about 80 people were detained at the match with participation of “Anzhi”, mostly Moscow fans who came to the stadium to be fans against “Anzhi”. They chanted slogans “Russians forward!”, “Fuck Caucasus, fuck!” that were abusive for nominal hosts of the field and threw pyrotechnics onto the lawn. The fact that “Locomotive” provided its stadium for game of “Anzhi” caused discontent of the fans. The action of “Locomotive” admirers was supported by fans of other Moscow clubs as well as of St. Petersburg “Zenith”.

On August 24 anti-Moslem banners were unrolled on the stands of “Luzhniki” during the match of “Spartacus” with Turkish “Fenerbahиe” – Istanbul mosque was crossed on them and there was an inscription beside for clarity: “Today Orthodox Christianity wins”.

Migration and migrant-phobia

On August 5 in Vladikavkaz eparchial courses in Russian were opened for labor migrants. Duration of courses for each group is 2 months. The studies will be held on days off. Except studying Russian and culture of speech, the pupils will familiarize themselves closer with traditions and everyday life of residents of Russia, and this would facilitate the difficult process of inculturation. After graduating from the studies, labor migrants would get certificates of graduation from courses in Russian which they would be able to give to their potential employees.

On August 9 the Russian cabinet of ministers approved the plan of implementation of Concept of state migratory policy till 2025. During the meeting of cabinet of ministers the prime-minister of RF Dmitry Medvedev stated that the problems of migration would be regularly examined in the format of open government. According to him, the subject of migration worries a great number of people: “Migration processes are of permanent character. One should not be afraid of them but they should be managed, and this is perhaps the most important thing”. He called to changing the management of migratory processes in the country radically: according to him, creation of civilized and balanced labor market is the key task. The head of Federal migratory service Konstantin Romodanovsky stated at the meeting that during the period from January till July 2012 300 thousand foreign citizens were brought to account for breaking the migratory legislation, and more than 37,5 thousand foreigners got ban for entrance into Russia. At the same time, according to the head of FMS of RF, during the same half-year 100 thousand permissions for temporary residence were formalized, 60 thousand residence permits were issued, 45,5 thousand people received Russian citizenship. According to the data of state informational system of migratory registration, during first half of 2012 among more than 10 mln. foreign citizens staying on the territory of Russia, 42% came for taking treatment, studying, and as guests; 17% execute labor activity legally. Remaining 21% of migrants stay in the country with exceeding of term of residence. “We think they execute labor activity illegally”, K. Romodanovsky stated.

On August 16 the Commissioner on human rights of Moscow Alexander Muzykantsky spoke at the meeting with the President about availability of “exclusive ethnic enclaves” in Moscow where most children do not know Russian enough to have a chance to study at school.

On August 24, speaking at the meeting of Council on interethnic relations under the President, the President of RF Vladimir Putin called to active integration of migrants, protection of their rights and freedoms. The President stated that ethnic communities should play a special role in integration of immigrants.

Xenophobia of authority representatives

On August 2, during the meeting of board of chief directorate of the Ministry of home affairs of Russia for Krasnodar region, the governor Alexander Tkachev spoke about necessity of creation of Cossack squads at Kuban. According to Tkachev, mass illegal immigration “of citizens of Caucasian nationalities” into Stavropol region led to the fact that “feeling of community, solidarity was lost including cultural heritage” here. “Generally, Russian part of population already feels uncomfortable there, Tkachev stated. I thought and considered that we have time yet: there is a filter between Caucasus and Kuban yet – Stavropol region. But now I see that it lacks. We are the next. And who would be responsible when the first blood would be shed here? When interethnic conflicts would start? And sooner or later this would happen … We have no other way – we will press out, put things in order, ask for papers, be involved into migratory policy (where one had come from, why etc). So that those who try to come here just “for kidding”, to stake off, be involved into provocations or illegal business, would understand that it is better not to go to Kuban. The Kubanians are here, they have their own laws, they are quite tough guys. The working police is available, Cossacks are available, and I would better go to another place… “.

According to him, Kubanians should “stand for their independence”: “I don’t want to dramatize and hope this would happen so. But today (and maybe even yesterday) we must stand for our independence, our principles and traditions in a new way. And for proportion of Caucasian people that was formed here traditionally (these are Armenians, Adygs, Daghestanis), their proportion to Russian people, Slavic people”.

A. Tkachev’s speech caused a big response in mass media and blog-sphere. The governor, responding to criticism in his twitter, quoted the fact that he had a multi-ethnic milieu: “Just to make sure, I head the region for 12 years, and there are 120 nationalities in the region. I understand better than many other people how fragile this peace is. And illegal migration is a blatant problem. I spoke about THIS”. In the evening of August 3 official press release of Krasnodar regional administration appeared too saying that Cossack squads are created for non-admission of interethnic conflicts and preservation of peace. And Tkachev’s statement about migrants was called “recommendations for police to increase the control over migratory processes”. On August 27 it became known that first parade inspections of professional Cossack squads with total number of 1000 people already took place in the region, and from September 1 they should begin maintaining the public order together with police and get salary for this.

On August 26 it became known that authorities of Nizhnekamsk (Tatartstan) brought in an action against local resident V. Mozharova whose children did not go to lessons of Tatar language, for “impeding teaching of children”. Children themselves were left in school in the same form for the second year.

Nationalists and non-system opposition

Cooperation between these two forces continued in August:

Agreement on cooperation achieved on August 12 by one of leaders of non-system opposition S. Udaltsov and Tatar nationalists from Union of Tatar youth “Azatlyk” may be marked. Speaking at unauthorized meeting in the center of Kazan, Udaltsov called on “Tatar opposition” to taking part in September “March of millions”, and “Azatlyk” leader Nail Nabiullin suggested “white-ribbon opposition” to support protest actions in Tatarstan.

On August 20 it became known that the leader of movement “Russians” A. Belov (Potkin) supported the oppositionist Ye. Chirikova at mayor’s election in Khimki of Moscow region.

The nationalists prepared actively to election to Coordinating council of opposition. On August 9 representatives of RONS (now this abbreviation is deciphered as “Russia would liberate itself with our efforts”) addressed the leaders of other nationalist organizations with appeal to coordinate the list of candidates into Coordinating council of opposition. At the same time RONS called upon nationalists to nominating their candidates by so-called general civil list suggesting to give five places reserved for nationalists to so-called “prisoners of conscience” – who were already convicted for crimes motivated by xenophobia. In the opinion of RONS representatives, such tactics would save the nationalists from tough competition for places according to nationalist quota – possessing them would not give them advantages in CC anyway – and would permit concentrating on combat for passing by general civil list. “Besides, election of our political prisoners to Coordinating council would attract bigger attention towards their cases and would cause acknowledgement of them and of our other political prisoners as “prisoners of conscience” both on all-Russian and on international level,” RONS representatives stated.

However N. Kholmogorova estimated the prospects of this election skeptically in her interview to edition “Special letter” given on August 22 noting that “opposition is very dissociated in fact – it consists of several “wings” which know each other badly and trust each other very little – and every possible election and rating voting executed in opposition up to the present inevitably turned into matches between these “wings”, with pushing through their own candidates and intriguing against the other candidates; at the same time undesirable results were automatically announced “incorrect” and illegitimate”.

On August 26 Alliance of heterosexuals for equal rights of LGBT addressed the “democratic public-political organizations of St. Petersburg included into organizing committee of meeting on June 12, 2012 and to participants of future meetings” with appeal not to include the nationalist D. Deineko, participant of attack on a group of members of the Alliance and LGBT-activists in June 12, 2012, into the list of political prisoners. By now his is included into such list composed by the leader of St. Petersburg non-system opposition O. Kurnosova. Representatives of Alliance for equal rights also wrote: “We consider it to be a dangerous tendency that democratic organizations do not disdain holding joint activities with ultra-right forces for whom violence is a normal practice, who support or justify this thus turning the political process into criminal “showdowns” … We consider it inadmissible, harmful and senseless to cooperate and act jointly with those who do not share principles of democracy, human rights and equal rights of citizens, who on the contrary support division of people into sorts, discrimination and incitement of hatred, approve or practice violence. Invitation to participation in general democratic meetings to organizations of radical-nationalistic orientation actually legitimizes them in the eyes of society and thus makes the organizers of such meetings involuntary accomplices of incitement of ethnic, racial, religious and social hatred, propaganda of superiority of one group of people over another practiced by their “allies”.

Law-enforcement practice

During the period from January till August 178 persons were convicted: 4 were sentenced to life imprisonment, 4 – to 20-25-year imprisonment, 4 – to 15-20-year imprisonment, 10 – to 10-15-year imprisonment, 20 – to 5-10-year imprisonment, 39 – to 1-5-year imprisonment, 2 – to imprisonment up to one year, 30 – got suspended sentences, 32 were sentenced to compulsory and correctional work, 2 – to limitation of freedom, 24 were sentenced to penalty, 2 – to arrest for the term up to 15 days. One person was sent to forced treatment, and measures of educational character were applied towards another one else. Two were released from punishment due to expiration of statute of limitation. Towards one person the case was terminated due to his diminished responsibility. Sentence on one convict is unknown.

In 2011 during the same period 278 persons were convicted, in 2010 – 307 persons.

Since August a case of six skinheads is heard in Perm regional court; they are suspected of 9 brutal beatings and 5 murders.

On August 1 it became known that during first half-year of 2012 bodies of office of public prosecutor of Far-Eastern federal district executed 475 inspections of observance of legislation on counteraction to extremism, and 776 breaches were revealed as a result of them. With the purpose of their elimination, more than 300 presentations were introduced, about 150 officials were called to disciplinary and administrative account, 6 protests were brought, nine warnings were announced and 33 statements of claim were sent to courts. 13 criminal proceedings of extremist orientation were instituted.

On August 2 it became known that office of public prosecutor of Sovetsky district of Ufa city sent the criminal case against local resident accused of placement of xenophobic character materials on the Internet, to the court.

On August 3 it became known that department for investigation of especially important cases of Investigatory directorate of Investigatory committee for Republic of Komi completed investigation of criminal case against 20-year-old resident of Ezhvinsky district of Syktyvkar city accused of placement of xenophobic character materials including anti-Semitic ones, on the Internet.

On August 3 office of public prosecutor of Chelyabinsk region sent the criminal case against participants of extremist religious association “Nurdjular” to court.

On August 6 it became known that investigatory bodies of Investigatory committee of RF for Rostov region completed investigation of criminal case against deputy head of Administration of Novocherkassk city V. Zhuravlyov who made anti-Caucasian statements.

On August 6 the Supreme court of RF acknowledged the sentence on two members of armed unit “Islamic djamaat” which acted on the territory of Tatarstan and Bashkiria legal; they were convicted for murders of employees of law-enforcement bodies and other crimes.

On August 6 Moscow city court prohibited the organization “Northern Brotherhood” as an extremist one.

On August 6 Kirovsky district court of Ufa approved the decision of magistrate’s court according to which six members of local cell of “Hizb-ut-Tahrir” were convicted. Four of them were sentenced to a year and four months of imprisonment and two – got suspended sentences.

On August 7 public prosecutor of Kazan Ildus Nafikov made a warning for head of unregistered religious organization “Faizrahmanists” Faizrahman Satarov about inadmissibility of execution of extremist activity.

On August 8 it became known that office of public prosecutor of Cherek district revealed breaches of legislation on counteraction to terrorism and extremism in activity of municipal state general educational institutions of Cherek municipal district of Kabardino-Balkar Republic – mostly in a form of absence of the federal list of extremist materials.

On August 8 office of public prosecutor of Ust-Koksinsky district announced a warning about inadmissibility of breaking the law “On counteraction to extremist activity” to organizer of holding of ethno-festival “Children of the Sun” G. Alexandrov.

On August 8 it became known that according to presentation of office of public prosecutor of Pushkino town near Moscow swastika was wiped off the building of electric substation, and an employee of SC “Pushkino ELEC” responsible for operation of electric substation was called to disciplinary account.

On August 8 Tverskoy court of Moscow passed a sentence on four participants of second case about disorders at Manezhnaya square. The court sentenced Kirpichnikov and Dvoynyakov to 3 and 2 years of imprisonment in general regime correctional colony correspondingly, Bilchenko got suspended sentence of 2-year imprisonment with probationary period of 3 years and Vasin got suspended sentence of 3-year imprisonment with probationary period of 5 years.

On August 10 it became known that Investigatory department for Syktyvkar city of Investigatory directorate of Investigatory committee for Republic of Komi completed investigation of criminal case against 31-year-old native of Republic of Daghestan accused of Russo-phobe statements.

On August 13 it became known about completion of investigation towards he journalist Nikolay Kirillov. He is accused of anti-Semitic publications in “Evening Ryazan” newspaper edited by him. Simultaneously he was accused of publication of article “containing views which had to form hatred and hostility of public towards militia employees”.

On August 13 Central court of Novosibirsk refused a complaint of artist Artyom Loskutov fined for a sum of 500 rubles within the case about appearing of pictures of participants of punk-group “Pussy Riot” in the city stylized as icons.

On August 13 it became known that Chief investigatory directorate of Investigatory committee of RF for St. Petersburg completed investigation of criminal case against nine members of organized criminal group of skinheads NS/WP – Nevograd.

On August 13 it became known that investigatory bodies of Investigatory committee of RF for Bryansk region completed investigation of criminal case against 17-year-old Dmitry Simonenko and 20-year-old Yevgeny Ivanushkin accused of committing of series of crimes on the territory of Bryansk city motivated by xenophobia.

On August 14 it became known about completion of investigation of case of Ulyanovsk nationalist activist D. Shtylev accused of placement of xenophobic materials on the Internet.

On August 15 it became known that inspection is held in the branch of inter-regional public organization “Committee against tortures in Nizhniy Novgorod” according to instruction of regional public prosecutor concerning observance of law on counteraction to extremism.

On August 15 Panel of judges for criminal cases of the Supreme court of RF did not grant a complaint of defense of student Denis Voloshin sentenced to 7,5-year imprisonment for murder motivated by ethnic hatred.

On August 15 at the session of Nizhegorodsky district court in Nizhniy Novgorod within the case of so-called “Antifa-RASH” – non-existent organization of anti-fascists – witness of prosecution A. Chyony announced that he gave his evidence under pressure of employees of center “E”. On August 16 investigator Ye. Blinova who investigated the case stated that Chyorny allegedly came himself to interrogation to her (not explaining at the same time how he could get into the building where one can go only with a pass).

On August 20 it became known about institution of criminal proceedings against 27-year-old anti-fascist for propaganda of hatred towards skinheads in Vladimir by demonstration of film “Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads”.

On August 20 it became known that Investigatory department for Kanevsky district of Investigatory committee for Krasnodar region completed investigation of criminal case against 28-year-old resident of Kubanskaya Step settlement accused of writing of anti-Caucasian graffiti.

On August 20 it became known that Preobrazhensky inter-district office of public prosecutor made a presentation addressed to general director of group of companies “Mail.Ru Group” about elimination of breaches of federal legislation on counteraction to extremism – removal of video clip “Russian banner. We are coming” included into Federal list of extremist materials from social network of the same name.

On August 22 the Supreme court of Russia left the sentence against residents of Stavropol region – 24-year-old Viktor Dvorakovsky called “Russian Wahabit” and 25-year-old Vladimir Skirko – without changes.

On August 22 it became known that the Supreme court of Chuvashia acknowledged the article “Show me you tongue and I will say who are you” published in May 2011 in “Bribe” newspaper extremist for “incitement of intolerance and dissension towards social groups (employees of special services working in the sphere of national security, officials of Russia)”.

On August 23 it became known that office of public prosecutor of Traktorozavodsky district of Chelyabinsk city demanded from managing companies to clean dwelling houses from Nazi symbols.

On August 24 chief research fellow of Institute of Russian history of RAS, academician of Russian academy of natural sciences Vladimir Lavrov addressed the Investigatory committee with request to check the works of the leader of October revolution of 1917 Vladimir Lenin concerning availability of extremism in them.

On August 24 it became known that Investigatory bodies of Investigatory committee of Russian Federation for Arkhangelsk region and Nenets autonomous area completed investigation of criminal case against 58-year-old resident of Arkhangelsk accused of placement of anti-Chechen statements on the Internet.


The Federal list of extremist materials grew up to 1409 items. Among the new materials included into the list one can find anti-Semitic fraud “Talmud about non-Jews”, materials of radical Islamists and newspaper “Orthodox Christian Rus”.

Roscomnadzor issued three warnings in August for publication of xenophobic materials bringing their number since beginning of this year up to nine.

On August 17 it became known that in Kaliningrad the loud “proceedings about swastika” instituted against group of collectors in spring 2012 on the eve of the Victory Day finished with a complete fiasco. Attributes of time of Nazi Germany were confiscated from them and five proceedings were instituted under clause 20.3 of Code of administrative delinquencies of RF (propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols). But justice of the peace Vera Zenkova terminated examination of all the cases due to lack of corpus delicti. After expert examination of Rosokhranculture the court came to conclusion that people keeping Nazi attributes did not propagate Nazism. Finally the collectors agreed with center “E” that their employees would be invited to exhibitions, consulted etc.