KMU International / Philippinen: Watch one-minute ad on NXP (Apple’s supplier is a violator of workers‘ rights. )

Dear Comrades,

NXP Semiconductors, one of the world’s top electronics firm and a supplier of Apple, is a violator of workers‘ rights.

Its plant in the Philippines illegally dismissed 24 union officials amidst negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement in an effort to weaken workers’ fight for a significant wage hike and the regularization of contractuals.

Please support the NXP workers‘ struggle by telling Apple to demand NXP to bring back the workers who were laid off.

We are calling on everyone, especially students and workers, to conduct support actions.

You can show your support for the NXP workers in many ways: spread the video widely, conduct a protest action in front of Apple stores, send petition letters, write about NXP and Apple, or post a selfie holding an Apple product (especially iPhones) with the words “Bring Back NXP 24.”

Whatever form of action that you choose, please inform the NXP workers by writing to this email address (

Thank you!

Best regards,

Elmer Labog


Kilusang Mayo Uno