Felipe & Sebastian: Alter Summit – Report and political interpellations

Dear all,

You will find attached the decisional report of our last Assembly of September and the different related notes.

As decided in the Assembly, Alter Summit will continue the political interpellation of MEPs. That’s why :

– we invite you to contact your national MEPs if not done yet (with the documents attached);

– please send to sebastian@altersummit.eu the list of the MEPs contacted;

– we will centrally contact the MEPs of the S&D, Green, ALDE and GUE groups.

In the next days, you will receive different mails concerning:

– The convergences process: AS workshop at Blockupy Festival and General Assembly 2015

– Finances and contributions

– TTIP & Co: strategy meeting, Call December 19

Best regards,

Felipe & Sebastian

Alter Summit – Convergence Note – September 2014 (FR&EN) (pdf)

New Commission Press Release – Alter Summit (pdf)

Alter Summit – Decisional Report – Assembly 25&26 September 2014 (pdf)