CapulTV: Direnisin Medyasi – Media of the Resistance (Video)

CapulTV has continued broadcasting live from Gezi Park since June 6th. Throughout this process, we have seen that the mainsteam media, which continues to be the only source of information for millions of people, has lost its legitimacy. This loss of legitimacy has been caused by the following:

  • In Turkey, as is the case across the world, the forum for communication, or the dominant media, consists of media institutions organized for the acquisition of wealth.
  • The information produced and distributed by this dominant media organized for wealth acquisition is beholden to the free market, is anti-labor, and refuses to provide socially beneficial information or relay the problems facing various segments of society.
  • In Turkey, this reality includes the ruling party’s use of public funds to threaten and blackmail the dominant media.
  • The media has become unable to execute its most basic function due to the complex relationships based on financial gain between the ruling party and the media barons.