Alliance for Global Justice: Earth not Saved by Climate March…What Now?

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*Next Steps in the Struggle for Climate Justice and Ecological Sustainability


The People’s Climate March on September 21, 2014 was a historic occasion. The Alliance for Global Justice was proud to be among the 400,000 people who took to the street to call for climate justice and an end to the threats to Mother Earth. We are equally proud to have participated in the New York Climate Convergence and the Flood Wall Street Actions. *But let’s be crystal clear–the last thing this planet needs is for people to march and then think we’ve done the job, we’ve taken our stands, so now we can go back to our „normal“ lives and the status quo. What happened in New York must be a beginning. * Where do we go from here?

For Earth, Against Empire!–AfGJ board, staff and volunteers meet with members of the Peruvian and French delegations at the New York Climate Convergence.

The next major United Nations Climate Summit will be in Lima, Peru, December, 2014 [ ]. And next year, in Paris, France, the UN will meet to adopt new steps for dealing with global warming. When these summits happen, the people must be out in the streets to demand and implement real climate justice. We cannot depend on a body that is held hostage by US power; that exempts the world’s number one polluter, the US military, from negotiations and agreements; and that opens its summits to big corporations but locks out the rest of us. That is why those of us who can must go and be in the streets of the host cities! And those who can’t must take to the streets of every city, town, village, farm and countryside in the places where we live, work and play.

We have a little more than a year until Paris: *“This must be the Year of No Business as Usual!“*

*Now that the New York events are over, the world’s focus has shifted to Lima. **AfGJ, School of the Americas Watch and the Task Force on the America’s have been invited to bring a delegation–Will you consider going with us? [ ]*

There is work to be done…. What now?

Just yesterday, September 30, the World Wildlife Fund released a report telling us that the population of Earth’s wild animals has decreased by 52% in the last 40 years. In a previous report from 2008, that decline was only 28%–so the situation is worsening rapidly. And in 2012 the WWF also gave the dire warning that by 2030, if levels of consumption do not change, we will need two Earths–but we only have the one. These alarm bells are coming from an organization that, compared to AfGJ and our usual allies, is rather tame. If even „mainstream“ groups like WWF are sounding these chilling predictions, it is clearly not a time for half-measures and meaningless reforms.

AfGJ believes that we cannot win the struggle for climate justice without taking on the hard but unavoidable task of dismantling the US and transnational corporate empire. Only a handful of corporations are responsible for two thirds of greenhouse emissions, and their interests (and access to resources and markets) are advanced by the protection of the US military and its allies. This is why AfGJ is asking people to consider taking the next four steps:

1) Go with AfGJ to Peru for the UN Climate Summit [ ]. And if you can’t, please consider organizing an event in your town in solidarity with the December 10th Peoples Climate March in Lima. Write for more information.

2) Please sign (and share) the For Earth, Against Empire Pledge of Resistance [ ]. We will use the pledge to connect people in their communities with each other in order to build grass roots mobilizations for climate justice between now and the December, 2015 Paris Climate Summit.

3) Add your name to the Petition to End Military and Border Patrol Environmental Exemptions! [ ]

4) Please donate to AfGJ’s Eco-Solidarity Project and For Earth, Against Empire climate campaign.  [ ]We can’t do the job required of us without your financial support.

5) It’s not too early to think about Paris in December, 2015. Whether or not you actually go there or are participating in mobilizations where you live–the fate of the Earth itself is at stake. Stay tuned for more information or write .

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„*People’s Climate Summit: Taking it to the Streets for the UN Climate Summit in Lima, Peru, Dec. 3-13, 2014*“ [ ]

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