[col. writ. 4/9/17] ©’17 Mumia Abu-Jamal


The biggest scandal of the Clinton era (at least according to the press), was the sexual scandal involving his young intern, a woman not his wife.

When the scandal almost engulfed his presidency, he ordered missile attacks on a pharmaceutical factory in the Middle East, Al Shifa. Clinton critics derided this attack as ‚Monica bombs‘, meant to deflect from the rising flood of scandal.

President D.J. Trump’s bombing of a Syrian airfield, with scant proof of Syrian state involvement in a recent chemical weapons attack, seems pretty Clintonian to me.

In March, 1995, the Japanese religious cult, known as Aum Shinrikyo, reportedly released sarin in several subway cars holding thousands of people. And while nearly 5,000 suffered injuries, guess how many died? Twelve. 12!

With the release in Syria, with thousands exposed, it is mathematically unlikely that 100 people died, given its open-air dispersal.

It is equally unlikely that Trump cares a fig about Arab babies, no matter how beautiful they are.

Dr. Joseph Harris, M.D., informs us that sarin is undetectable by autopsies. So how did they determine the nature of the offensive agent?

Wars create nations of losers, as Iraq so rightly revealed.

.Who are the winners here (besides the weapons manufacturers?)

Wars are fought for 2 things: pretexts –and profits.

–© ’17maj

Weapons of Deflection (1:53) Mumia Abu-Jamal – Prison Radio