Update & Message from Mumia

Yesterday, Pam Africa and Mumia’s lawyer Bret Grote attempted to visit Mumia at SCI Mahanoy. The prison barred all visitors on Monday for „health and security reasons“. Mumia was given a mandatory order to report to the infirmary where he was readmitted.

Mumia called in with a message for his supporters on Sunday. His effort to record a commentary is a testimony to his courage and resilience. Please know that he remains critically ill and needs our support to get lifesaving medical care.

Mumia was seen on Saturday for 2.5 hours by his wife Wadiya Jamal, and Rachel Wolkenstein. (Listen the audio of their report back here.) This visit revealed that Mumia was critically weakened and experiencing serious symptoms that are often associated with hyper glucose levels, kidney stress and failure, and renal failure. This image below shows the severity of his chronic skin condition, which has resulted in cracked and open wounds over his entire body. His limbs are immensely swollen and he is barely able to walk.

Mumia Abu-Jamal am Sonntag, 26.4.2015