The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home

Stop Cuts at NY Maximum Security Prisons

The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home

As you may know, Governor Cuomo has written into his proposed budget a severe cutback in visiting for the state’s maximum security prisons. If this cut goes through, it will make visiting all but impossible for many families, and have a terrible impact on long-termers and elders in the state prisons, including the political prisoners. A campaign is underway to stop the cuts, but we need many more voices to join. The steps to take are simple: a phone call to the governor and a signature on an online petition (see below for details). Time is of the essence: we have heard that many legislative representatives are opposed to these cuts, but the community needs to make sure they carry through with their opposition at budget negotiation time.
I am writing now not just to ask that you call and sign, but more: if you have an e-list or access to any list from your personal, political, or work life, please send out a request for people to take those simple steps to support our incarcerated community and their families and friends. We need to reach well beyond the dedicated but numerically limited groups of people who are actively engaged in work to transform prisons. I have attached the flyer we have been handing out (it includes other possible support steps), and below is a sample text you could use. We need thousands more signatures on the petition if it is to be at all effective. (And of course please post if you are on Facebook or other social media.)

Samples short text:

Governor Cuomo plans to cut visiting at New York’s maximum security prisons. Incarcerated people and their families and friends—and all of us—stand to lose enormously if we do not prevent the governor from making these cuts. I ask you to make one phone call to the governor (518-474-8390) and sign the online petition ( – this will take only a few minutes, and you do not have to be a New York resident.

For more information, ask laura whitehorn <>
This is a chance to intervene in support of incarcerated people and families and communities. We have only a few weeks but we could make a difference.