Reporter Without Borders, 11.8.2017: What is your birthday wish for Austin?

Dear Friend,
Please don’t forget to sign a birthday card addressed to Austin Tice for his 36th birthday. When Austin returns home at last, hopefully soon, we will be sure to pass along every individual wish he received while he was still detained in Syria.We are just days away from the five year anniversary of Austin’s detention in Syria, which occurred a few days after his 31st birthday. Austin’s parents, Debra and Marc, have been doing everything in their power to bring him home since the day he was taken captive. They want their son to know that five years later, their efforts are as strong as ever, and that he has a widespread community across the world that is invested in his safe return home.Thank you on behalf of RSF and the Tice family for your unwavering support.Sincerely,
RSF Team


wish austin a happy birthday