News from Japan – Videos (8.8.2012 – 25.9.2015)







„FUKUSHIMA Never Again“ (new)


Keine Räumung des Protestcamps der Frauen von Fukushima in Tokio (24.2.2015)

Mothers of Fukushima-Fighting For Their Children (Trailer) (Production Of Labor Video Project, 9.4.2013)

More USS Reagan Sailors Sue Japanese Utility Over Radiation Exposure (Beth Ford Roth), 15.3.2013

Japanese citizens counteract to ultra-nationalist’s anti-Korea protest (uniontube55), 22.2.2013


Osaka Rally Against Repression And Burning Of Nuclear Rubble (Yuzuru Kaneko) 4.2.2013 

Against  Oppression-Feb3 Osaka Japan Protest Against Repression And Nuclear (Koyama) (3.2.2013)

Protest actions against IAEA conference in Fukushima, 3.2.2013

Fukushima is not a city where people can live (11.11.2012)

Anti-Nuke Tokyo Action November 11, 2012

“Fukushima, Never Again”, 2.11.2012

Japan Sep 20 Mass Rally Against Nuclear Power (Chris Noland-TV, 20.9.2012) 

Radioactive Material Continues To Flow Into Rivers & Pacific Ocean, 9.6.2012

„Die-In“ against the Restart of Japan Ooi Nuke Plant (Jun/07/2012) Stop The Madness

Steven Sensei, 8.8.2012: 100x Background Radiation in Fukushima City