Mumia Abu-Jamal: March against execution by medical neglect – Berlin, April 2015

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Mumia Abu-Jamal needs us now!

(USA) The imprisoned journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal has been suffering from diabetes since late 2014. Even though he has been complaining about serious health problems, several blood tests plus a long stay at the SCI Mahanoy prison infirmary, officials claim not to have noticed the seriousness of his disease until March 30th, 2015.

When Mumia Abu-Jamal almost died after blacking out from diabetic shock in prison, Pennsylvania’s prison administration still resisted their duty to take care of the wrongful convicted prisoner. After only three days on the Intensive Care Unit of Schuylkill Medical Centre he was transferred back to prison where no proper medical care was provided.

Within the last couple of months the journalist and human rights activist lost about 80 lbs. He is only able to move in a wheelchair and his blood sugar level is constantly above 400 (e.g. 120 is considered to be normal, 800 is considered diabetes coma). Mumia Abu-Jamal can hardly talk and has collapsed several more times since he was sent back to prison. The Pennsylvanian Governor and the prison administration is performing a premeditated murder by refusing medical help. Regarding to the US-law they are legally obligated to help in such situations.

In 2011 the US-Supreme Court confirmed that the former death sentence against Abu-Jamal was illegal and that he had wrongfully spent almost 30 years on death row. Currently he is one out of five prisoners in Pennsylvania who are challenging a new law (SB 508) that intends to silence prisoners from speaking out or being heard outside prisons. The federal 3rd Circuit Court is debating whether this law infringes on free-speech rights and if it is unconstitutional. Letting him now slowly die because of refusing medical help is nothing else then keeping the death sentence against a struggling prisoner who is fighting for all prisoners’ rights.

Diabetes is not an uncommon disease and a proper treatment is possible. Therefore, we now ask all of you to contact the responsible authorities to let them know that the world is watching them and does not tolerate this or any other kind state’s sanctioned of murder.

K E E P C A L L I N G, M A I L I N G and F A X I N G !

Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania (Gouverneur)
Fon: 001-717-787-2500
Fax: 001-717-772-8284

John Wetzel, PA Department of Corrections Secretary
(Leiter der Gefängnisbehörde von Pennsylvania)
Fon: 001 – 717 728-4109

Christopher Oppman, Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services
Fon: 001 – 717 728-5309

Superintendent John Kerestes at SCI Mahanoy
(Leiter vom Gefängnis SCI Mahanoy)
Fon: 001 – 570 773-2158

Chief Health Care Administrator Steinhardt at SCI Mahanoy
(Leiter der Krankenstation in Mumias Gefängnis)
Telefon: 001 – 570 773-2158

Please call Pennsylvania’s authorities who are directly responsable for the medical neglect of Mumia Abu-Jamal. They know that he has diabetes but refuse to treat him.

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