Mobilisierungs-Video für die Teilnahme an Mumias gerichtlicher Anhörung am kommenden Freitag, den 18. Dezember in Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA)


DECEMBER 18th Demand Medical Treatment for Mumia Abu-Jamal and 10,000 Prisoners with Hepatitis C in a landmark court hearing.

WHERE: William J. Nealon Federal Building, U.S. Court House, 235 N. Washington Ave., Scranton, PA 18501.

WHEN: 9:30am December 18, 2015

In March 2015, Abu-Jamal was rushed to a hospital after collapsing from near lethal blood sugar levels and renal failure. Even after treatment for diabetes, he continued to suffer severe skin rashes and lesions over much of his body as well as swelling of his arms and legs. His skin developed a leatherlike appearance, and he had difficulty standing and walking.

In August he was finally diagnosed with the hepatitis C virus, which impacts nearly 10,000 prisoners in Pennsylvania.

Despite the diagnosis, prison officials refused to give Abu-Jamal a new direct-acting anti-viral drug with a 90-95 percent cure rate for HCV. The medication, manufactured by Gilead Sciences, comes with a hefty price tag. At about $1,000 per pill, it costs $95,000 for a 12-week course of treatment. Prison officials decided to hold off on treatment until the final stages of the condition — in other words, when it would be too late to save Mumia.

Speaking at a November meeting in Philadelphia, Abu-Jamal’s attorney Robert Boyle noted that the cost of the hospital care Mumia needed because the HCV went untreated was easily double that expense.

For transportation from Philadelphia, call 215-724-1618215-724-1618 or email

In New York call 212-330-8029212-330-8029.

If you are unable to get to Scranton, you can still show your support on Dec. 18 by calling:

PA Department of Corrections at 717-728-2573717-728-2573
PA Gov. Tom Wolf at 717-787-2500717-787-2500

Demand immediate hep C treatment for Mumia and 10,000 other prisoners.