Mexico Oaxaca Teacher Murders Protested (Labor Video Project)

Mexico Oaxaca Teacher Murders Protested 

The massacre of striking CNTE“ Mexican Independent  teachers Union, community people  and supporters of public education in Oaxaca Mexico was protested in San Francisco on June 22, 2016. Teachers including from the UESF, AFT 2121 and Tim Paulson, the head of the San Francisco Labor Council   and labor activists condemned the massacre by police and military who have been supplied by the United States. Protesters also connected the privatization and corporatization of education in Mexico with the charters and the attack on public education in the United States. The use of the military and police on the striking teachers is bringing a growing anger and those unions in San Francisco that participated demanded that the US government cut off military weapons to Mexico. Al Rojas, a founder of the United Farmworkers Union of America also attacked the so called comprehensive immigration reform that according to Rojas will further militarize the border and also expand the use of  „guest workers“ that will be used as cheap labor by Driscoll and other US corporations. He further charged that the UFWA is setting up broker offices in Mexico in cahoots with the Mexican government to bring in these indentured workers to the US and make them union members. Other participants pointed out that Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton were responsible for NAFTA and continue to support this reactionary trade bill that has enslaved the Mexican people including unionists and peasants and is forcing the privatization of education backed up by the US supplied military and police.

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