Mass Deportation Vienna-Nigeria Thur 22nd (E.M.)

Warning to those it may concern!

Mass deportation from Austria to Nigeria planned for 22nd of June

For the time around 22nd of June, a mass deportation flight to deport mainly Nigerian citizens from Austria to Nigeria is supposed to take place. We recommend you to be on alert if you are potentially concerned of this mass deportation. We also ask you to pass this information on to family members, friends and people within your community who are potentially concerned.

Who may be concerned by a charter mass deportation flight to Nigeria:

-Generally persons who have had a definite negative result of their asylum case.

-People living in Austria under undocumented, irregular conditions.

-The risk is generally higher if someone is already under severe pressure from the authorities to leave Austria.

-Trouble with Austrian law enforcement authorities and having a criminal case on one’s record can increase the risk of deportation, but people who have never had any such problems are also concerned.

How to avoid deportation

-Inform your lawyer, your friends, your family members etc. if you are under deportation threat, so that they can try to support you in case you get arrested.

-If you have new information about any risks of persecution in your home country, you can use this to make a new asylum application.

-If you are suffering from severe physical diseases or mental troubles, get it confirmed by a doctor and present it as a reason against being deported.

-In case that you are already arrested, you have the right to demand for a phone call to inform your people and your lawyer.

-In general: Don’t hide your problem of deportation threat to yourself, share your problem with other people, get organized against deportation!