Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal: NEW CRIME SCENE PHOTOS!


On Dec. 8, 2007, in Philadelphia, Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal presented crime scene photos by press-photographer Pedro Polakoff, which were recently discovered by German author Michael Schiffmann.

1: Mishandling the Guns – Officer James Forbes holds both Abu-Jamal’s and Faulkner’s guns in his bare hand and touches the metal parts. This contradicts his later court testimony that he had preserved the ballistics evidence.

2: The Moving Hat – Faulkner’s hat is moved from the top of Billy Cook’s VW, and placed on the sidewalk for the official police photo.

3: The Missing Taxi – Robert Chobert testified that he was parked directly behind Faulkner’s car, but the space is empty in the photo.

4: The Missing Divots – On the sidewalk, where Faulkner was found, there are no large bullet divots, or destroyed chunks of cement, which should be visible in the pavement if the prosecution scenario was accurate, according to which Abu-Jamal shot down at Faulkner – and allegedly missed several times – while Faulkner was on his back. Dr. Michael Schiffmann writes: „It is thus no question any more whether the scenario presented by the prosecution at Abu-Jamal’s trial is true. It is clearly not, because it is physically and ballistically impossible.“ This observation is supported by the new photos, as well as the official police photo.

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