Historic Court Hearing for Mumia! Wednesday, January 17 in Philadelphia

I know you want to be there.

The time is now.  Come to court.  Tell your friends.

A Hearing in open court: 
9:00 am Wednesday, January 17, 

Criminal (in)Justice Center (downtown Philadelphia)
Judge Leon Tucker’s Courtroom 1108
1301 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

In this case the District Attorney is being held accountable for producing evidence.  Evidence that could have caused the recusal of former PA Supreme Court Justice and Philadelphia DA Ron Castille from Mumia’s appeals.  The court is demanding answers.  If the court finds for Mumia, his appeals could be reinstated and his criminal conviction thrown open.  

We need a truth and reconcilliation agenda.  You can demand that.  You can be there in this historic moment. 

Philadelphia just elected Larry Krasner to be its District Attorney.  This Black Lives Matter, civil rights attorney has just taken over an office that has for decades embodied the racist legacy of Frank Rizzo.  Make no mistake- Philadelphia is as Up-South as you can get for the poor and people of color.   PA has the fourth largest death row in the country, the 2nd largest lifer population, the most kids sentenced to life, and generations of disenfranchisement. It is the home to the judge who threw Meek Mill in prison for a specious parole violation.  It is also the home of the creator of the debunked Super Predator Myth John Dilulio who teaches right in town at Univ. of Pennsylvania.  Not sure his „regrets“ for being „wrong“ are going to help the tens of thousands of kids he made sure got sent to prison for decades.  Justice and freedom for each and every person harmed by this legacy is the only way to confront these ugly realities.  Freedom Now! 

You can be part of this historical moment.   „When we Fight We Win!“ to quote AgitArte!. 

See you in court on Wednesday

Noelle Hanrahan, P.I.

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