Alliance for Global Justice: Steelworkers, Unionists and Solidarity Activists-Colombia Needs YOU!


Stand with Peace in Colombia: Accompany peace referendum voters and unionists, September 29-October 5, 2016

Fensuagro union families are asking for international solidarity activists to come to Colombia on October 2nd, when the country engages in a historic referendum to accept or reject the recently negotiated peace accords.

This October 2nd, Colombians are going to polls to vote on a referendum that, if passed, will bring 52 years of civil war to an end. However, right wing paramilitaries have threatened to disrupt the elections.

*Why does Colombia need you?* Because as a citizen of the United States, your presence provides a wall of safety in communities where enemies of the peace are threatening voters. You are being asked to use your privilege as a US-er to take a stand for peace and democracy. *Can you join us and be a part of making history?*
3 ways you can help!

*1) Go with us to Colombia. Send an email to for an application and more information. Cost of the delegation is $600, including meals, lodging and in-country travel. Does not include international airfare.*

*2) Download this flier and pass it out at Labor Day events this Monday. Post the flier at coffee houses, churches, union halls–wherever people of conscience gather.* [ ]

*3) Make a donation for scholarships for people who are willing to go but can’t afford the costs. Be sure to put „COLOMBIA“ in the Designation Code space.* [ ]

*Your presence on this delegation will…*

•Help bring an end to 52 years of war, a war that has resulted in over 200,000 deaths and 6 million displaced refugees!

•Help bring safety to workers in the country with the highest number of murdered unionists each year!

•Provide accompaniment on election day to voters from Fensuagro, one of the world’s most persecuted unions!

•Leave behind a legacy of peace so that you can tell your children and grandchildren, „I was there! I helped bring peace to Colombia!“
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