24.4. – 30.7. 2017 (November?): China Solidarity Activist Delegations

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 2017 China Solidarity Activist Delegations

*National Immigrant Solidarity Network  [ http://www.chinadelegation.org/ ]*is a long-time fiscally sponsored project of the Alliance for Global Justice. Please consider attenting one of their upcoming Delegations to China. Learn more at ChinaDelegation.org [ http://www.ChinaDelegation.org

China has a rich and dynamic cultural, political and revolutionary history. Unfortunately, most Americans know very little beyond what they hear and read in corporate-controlled media.  This is mainly due to the ongoing Cold War, and the absence of information on China in U.S. educational curricula. During the 2016 presidential election both Trump and Clinton were highly critical of China. It seems likely that U.S.-China relations will greatly suffer.  Can American activists see beyond the finger pointing of the politicians and the American elites?

 We hope that you will join our upcoming delegation Beijing and Shanghai. Organized by major U.S.-based activist organization we will explore historic, cultural, social, political and economic aspects of China. Our goal is to help promote a deeper understanding and to realize the importance of U.S.-China relations to the US and the world. We will explore Chinese history including the Opium Wars, anti- imperialist struggles, WWII, and the Chinese Revolution led by the Communist Party. We will be visiting revolutionary museums and meeting with a wide variety of people, including middle-class Chinese, expatriates, NGO workers, officials, activists, workers, farmers, students, scholars, and others.  We will be learning about Chinese society, history, culture, economics, and politics.

 *Learn more and reigister at **ChinaDelegation.org* [ http://www.ChinaDelegation.org ]

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